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Akiko Shibata

6-14 Matsukaze-cho, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa 254-0812, Japan

・Office   phone +81-463-21-6700    fax+81-463-23-6686

・Plant  phone +81-463-24-3223    fax+81-463-24-5566

URL   http://www.ju-oh.com


Shenzhen Shonan-Star Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

(Location: Shenzhen Nanshan District)

May 1, 1958

10 million yen

● “614 Hot Runner System” with Electromagnetic Induction Heating Method

● “614 Hot Runner System”for metal molding (Magnesium, Aluminum, etc.)

● Production and sales of systems related to our plastic business

The 614 Hot Runner System has been developed by JU-OH INC. as a total system covering know-how for practical use.

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce the thermal controller, nozzle and manifold without permission.

If there is a suspicion of unauthorized reproduction, we may no longer be able to provide technical support, maintenance and parts supply.

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