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By using electromagnetic induction heating as a heat source, the 614 Hot Runner System becomes applicable to all types of resin.

It is applicable to a wide range of materials including general purpose resin super engineering plastics, ceramics, magnesium and aluminum.

Additionally, it meets a variety of demands such as to reduce the material costs, to shorten preparation and production cycle time and to improve its quality (warpage, voids, etc)

Coil wires carrying high-frequency currents generate electromagnetic radiations. Eddy currents, set up inside the nozzle coiled up by the wires, become a driving force of electric resistance and generate heat.

The electromagnetic induction heating method enables the nozzle directly to be heated without heating the coil wires. Hence it is possible to generate power rapidly available for the hot runner system. A small nozzle can be heated from normal temperature up to 250℃ in approx. 5 seconds.

It is also possible to synchronize with the molding cycle to prevent stringing and drooling.


Principles of Electromagnetic

Induction Heating